Our Company
For over three decades, UPI has been helping its partners all over the world bring innovative ideas to their local customers and suppliers. An international company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, UPI is the innovator behind products that help improve the quality of everyday life. The company continues to expand its product line with technologies that increase productivity while driving costs down.


Global Expansion, Local Experience

Since 1992, UPI has been cultivating a loyal network of suppliers and distributors across the globe – plus a growing customer base spanning 42 countries. Our rapid success in the global marketplace stems from three distinguishing attributes: a steadfast commitment to our partners; financial engineering services; and an unparalleled, ongoing technical support team.

Sustainable Results

Unlike any other biotechnology or distribution company in the world, UPI takes a personal approach to problem-solving. Our involvement does not end until the issue is resolved; we continue to monitor the progress, pitfalls and obstacles of our partners, providing live support along the way. Whether on the phone or in person, we are an active and present partner throughout the implementation of our solutions. This is a testament to our confidence in the high-caliber, proprietary products we supply.

UPI has also built a professional reputation with governments and businesses worldwide to ensure an easy introduction of products into the market. We are experts on the import/export protocols of business in more than 40 countries, so we understand both the necessary procedures and the possible obstacles that might be encountered along the way.



Good Chemistry

We know that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to technology. Each situation is unique; therefore, each solution calls for careful consideration of the factors involved and the specific need of the customer. We look at the particular industry, the variables, the constants and the geography before developing a strategy that fits. UPI’s range of experience is rich and diverse providing a unique competitive advantage to a wide range of industries.

To ensure success in the local market, UPI’s team of dedicated techs provides support for the long-term. And we’re proud to say our results are telling: we have a 90 percent loyalty rate – and our successes simply mirror those of our customers.

Innovative products and solutions are at the core of what we do here at UPI. We take smart, high-tech and on-target marketing solutions and remove all of the complexity. Through a mix of on-site training and continued support, our recommendations are easy to implement, sustainable for the long-term and the most cost-efficient option for greater ROI.