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TIMSEN™ Floriculture

TIMSEN™ Floriculture

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TIMSEN™ Floriculture is a powerful biocide that helps to prevent and eliminate bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses that could cause foliar and root diseases in the Floriculture and Horticulture crops found in greenhouses, shade houses and nurseries.

Features and Benefits:
  • Systemic and contact control
  • Curative and preventative action
  • Neutral pH- works in a pH range of 3 to 11
  • 40% active ingredient in granular form obtaining a higher yield
  • Residual benefit –capable of superior coverage for prolonged time after application
  • Safe for workers and the environment when used as directed
  • Easy-handling granular formulation
  • Consistent performance
  • At 200 ppm of active ingredient, TIMSEN™ is able to eliminate 99.999% of microorganisms on contact in 30 seconds in hard water up to 550ppm of CaCO3
  • Water soluble-granules readily soluble in water at any temperature
  • Stable – maintains stability and works efficiently in a broad range of environmental conditions
  • Low in toxicity
  • 100% biodegradable

Available Sizes:

  • 1 kg (2.2 lbs) jar -  (6 in a case)
  • 15 kg (33 lbs) pail

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