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Floral Enhancer™

Floral Enhancer™

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Floral Enhancer™ is a complete solution for a perfect post-harvest treatment. It will enhance the life span of your cut flowers significantly. Flowers are placed under high stress by undergoing packaging, transportation, changes in temperature and many other environmental factors that affect the appearance and vase life of the flower.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ensures a free flow in the vascular system due to the breakdown of the water tension by 40 %
  • Keeps the solution free of pathogens and impurities that will clog the vascular system
  • Maintains vascular system open and free of pathogen
  • Perfect source of nutrients ready to be absorbed by the flower
  • Controls the production of ethylene gas, which contributes to the process of maturity
  • Carries important buffering that adjusts the right pH of the solution
  • Stabilizes for a long period of time and keeps the water clear in the vase
  • Works in all types of water up to 850 ppm of CaCo3
  • High yield performance obtaining the best of your value

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