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This is what our customers have to say

On behalf of the Department of Health Services, I was very pleased with the way your company performed in all phases of the testing and remediation protocols. Your company has a unique and effective approach to ensuring environmental health in correctional facilities. I must say that it is unprecedented.

-Fulton County Sheriff's Office

We recently purchased 2 buckets of Prontech to try them as a fungicide against Colletotricum sp and Rhizoctonia sp on a wide variety of plants including Eugenia into the mist house. We had previously had a massive lost of cuttings so we started using Prontech at a concentration of 400ppm and 800ppm and the performance was incredible! We recovered 70% of the infested plants and now a days our losses are less than 5%.

-JA’s Nursery

When we sell our cut flowers we add Prontech to the water at 200ppm. We have used higher amounts on occasion when we questioned our water supply. We have fewer problems with wilting and stem rot and much improved shelf life. In addition we have used it for general greenhouse sanitation. At one point we were having a problem with a disease called “Southern Blight”. It had affected several of our special plants. We repotted the plants and drenched them and their growing media in 400ppm solution. The plants survived and are flourishing today.

-Green Castle Orchids